Every time I walk by a pile of trash, I always think about these two things:

Why Do People Litter?

British Club Scene - Wikipedia
British Club Scene - Wikipedia

There are 5 main reasons why people littering:

  1. They are lazy - Every time they need to drop their waste into the bin, they look around and see no bins. Normal people without Chronic Laziness will take the waste with them until they will have an opportunity to drop it into the bin. Lazy people will just drop it on the ground without thinking twice.
  2. If no one sees me, it's right - The second group of people is the people that think if no one sees them, they can litter. They only care about the things that can happen if someone sees them, but not about the animals that can die from their litter.
  3. There are not enough bins (or any other reason that includes bins) - Even if there are not enough bins, you still can store the waste in your bag and dispose of it later in the bin. Plus, If an area is already dirty, then why bother to look for a trash bin?
  4. Some problems are much worse that you can help solve rather than make a fuss about litter - This is the stupidest belief because even if it less bad than other problems, it's still a problem that can be solved just by dropping your waste in the trash bin.
  5. They do not believe that one person can make a difference

What Other Unsustainable Things They Do? - Unsustainable behaviour

Beside littering, there are other unsustainable things people do. Here are the main two reasons that lead to unsustainable behaviour because of greed.

  1. Buying low-quality products - Low-quality products last for a short time, creating a never-ending cycle of buying every month new products replacing the last ones.
  2. Not buying sustainable products because of their price - Buying sustainable products can save you a lot of money. Most of the sustainable products last longer, making no need to buy the same product again and again.


Laziness and greed are bad things, they are stopping us from moving forward to green future. Not only they harm yourself, but they are also harming animals and the planet.