2020 was the toughest year of this decade, so we wanted to showcase to you all the events that happened in it.

- The Trump administration in the process of reversing 100 environmental rules.

  • New environmental law requires ships to only use fuel oil with a very low sulfur content.
  • The Pacific nation of Palau bans sunscreen because of it's harm to corals and sea life.

- Australia Bushfires got so large, that Australia declared a state of disaster while the bushfires continued to kill more amounts of animals.

- Luxembourg became the first country in the world to make all public transport in the country free to use. This move will encourage more people to use public transport upon private transport.

5 modes of transport with 200 people each
From Youtube video: PTV Vissim and Viswalk: 5 modes of transport with 200 people each – focussing on space usage

- Scientists find bacterium that grows on a Polyurethane Oligomer and Monomer. Millions of tonnes of Polyurethane is produced every year for daily use items like kitchen sponges and sports shoes, but it mostly ends up in the landfill because it's too tough to recycle.

  • First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.
  • NonStopGreen started it's first project, "The 100,000 Project". Every week we go to collect garbage to complete our goal of 100,000 pieces of garbage.

- Blood from slaughterhouses in the Tulkarm area and Nablus river color the water of the Alexander river in red.

- Russia oil spill into Arctic river prompts Putin to declare state of emergency after 20,000 tons leak of oil.

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🤯🤯🤯🥺🥺🥺😱😱😱#амбарка #чп #россия #Норильск #нефть #природа #краснодарскийкрай #новоросс #Новороссийск #nvrsk #река #москва #питер #nature #moscow #рыбалка #fishing #fish #спиннинг #sos #help #russia #всемвсем #внисание #черезвычайноеположение #краснодар#самара#владивосток#урал May 29 at the Nadezhdinsky plant owned by OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel, there was a spill diesel fuel in the soil and the water got more 21 thousand tons of oil products. This is the first accident such a large scale in the polar Arctic. In the country declared a state of emergency at the Federal level. The disaster in Norilsk showed irresponsible attitude of large companies to our nature, this will not continue it can! Environmental control should be enhanced, and the operation of facilities should take place under special control for warnings accidents, especially in the conditions of melting eternal permafrost due to global climate change. I however the opposite is happening now the situation in which Industrialists seek a moratorium on certain environmental restrictions requirements under the pretext of fighting economic crisis. We need to prevent the destruction of our nature and force the Russian Government to go on the way to support new green technologies and fight climate change and don't go along with it the "dirty" business. @greenpeaceru @greenpeace

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- One of the largest supermurket chains in South Korea, Lotter Mart, announced its plan to cut its single-use plastic usage by 50% by 2025.

- Greenpeace Poland activists and climbers climbed a tower of over 100 meters on the construction site of the OstrołękaC power plant to denounce new fossil fuel investments in Poland.

- California passes world's first clean trucks rule

  • New research finds that the South Pole has heated up at three times the global average since 1989.
  • NonStopGreen collected more than 3000 pieces of garbage from the environment. Our goal is to collect 100,000 pieces before 2022