As the number of waste we collect is going up, we can see more accurate statistics about it. So today we will share our statistics and answer some questions.

So let's begin!


But before you see our statistics, let's see the definition of the word "statistics":

Statistics is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. In other words, statistics is a collection of data that can be used to understand something.

Waste statistics


TypeCollected (18/5/2020)%
Plastic396 Pieces61.2%
Metal34 Pieces5.2%
Paper41 Pieces6.3%
Glass16 Pieces2.4%
Clothes7 Pieces1%
Other152 Pieces23.4%
Undefined objects1 Piece0.15%
Total 647 Pieces100%
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What we see from here?

Well, we see that plastic is the most common type of waste we founded, next is other, wait, but what is "other"?

The most item that is counting as "other" is wet wipes and cigarettes, but why?

Why wet wipes and cigarettes are so common?

About 1.1 billion people -- one in every three adults -- are smokers, according to the World Health Organization. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of cigarettes, with more than 350 million residents reporting being current or former smokers.

The only reason cigarettes are so common is because many people smoke them. Let's do some quick math:

1,100,000,000 X 2 = 2,200,000,000

If we multiply the people that smoke worldwide by 2 cigarettes a day, we get a huge number, 2.2 billion cigarettes waste every day! multiply it by 365 days and we will get 803,000,000,000‬ every year!

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are so common because they are easy to use and they are strong, which making them so popular and common waste. They are also wrecking the world's sewers.

Questions & Answers

Here we answer some of your questions and questions that we think that the answer for them will be interesting.

How we invest our money?

When we start getting revenue, this is how we will invest it:

First, we will pay the website costs, domain+hosting (roughly 6-10 dollars every month).

Then, we invest 60% of it to our projects and 40% to us.

How we advertise us?

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Do we actually collect trash?

Yes, we are! you can see all the trash collected here on instagram. (you can also support us on patreon)

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Hope this small post answer your question about us and gives you an understanding of the statistics that we collect!