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About us - we are a small group of eco-activists, we created that website to people learn some new things they can do to the planet, share our ideas, experience and thoughts.

2020 Recap: Major moments of the year - Most Severe Ecological Damage of the decade

2020 was the toughest year of this decade, so we wanted to showcase to you all the events that happened in it.

By NonStopGreenCeo on 27/06/2020

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Statistics about the waste we collect and what item we found the most?

In this blog post, we will share the statistics about the waste we collect and more.

By NonStopGreenCeo on 20/05/2020

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How to | Collect trash

In this blog post, we will view the best ways to collect trash and what to do after you collected it

By NonStopGreenCeo on 22/04/2020

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